Recipe & Hints How to Make Steam in Little Alchemy

WAWANG.ID - To create Steam elements in Little Alchemy, there are 3 elements that you can use, even though 2 elements are actually enough.

The three elements are Water, Fire and Energy.

There are two ways or two recipes that you can use to create Steam elements.

How to Make Steam in Little Alchemy

1. Water + Fire = Steam

2. Water + Energy = Steam

And of the two methods above,

Method number 1 is the easiest way you can choose because the 2 elements needed are basic elements that are definitely there.

However, if you want to try method number 2, you need 1 more element, namely the Energy element.

And to make Energy elements, you can see how at the following link:

How?? Very easy isn't it, How to Make Steam in Little Alchemy?, good luck.


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