Recipe & Hints How to Make Ocean in Little Alchemy

WAWANG.ID - To make the Ocean element in Little Alchemy, you need 1 basic element, namely Water and 1 derived element, namely Sea.

Or it could be by mixing 2 of the same derived elements, namely Sea.

And, here are tips or recipes that you can use to make Ocean elements in Little Alchemy.

How to Make Ocean in Little Alchemy

1. Water + Sea = Ocean

2. Sea + Sea = Ocean

If you haven't got the Sea element you can use the following recipe to make it.

Water + Water = Sea

After getting the Sea element, the next step is you just mix it with other elements such as Water.

Or mix it again with the same element that is Sea.

So from the results of mixing these elements will produce a new element called Ocean.

How?? Very easy isn't it, How to Make Ocean in Little Alchemy?, good luck.


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