How to Make a Paper Snowflake Step by Step With Pictures

Today I want to talk about kirigami. Kirigami comes from the Japanese words, "kiri" and "gami". Kiri means cut and gami means paper. so the simple meaning is cutting paper. The difference with origami is that ori means folding, so origami is the art of folding paper.

After we know what kirigami is, then how do we make it? Well, here I want to share how to make kirigami which I got from various sources, google and also youtube.

I hope you will enjoy it :)

We're going to make snowflakes, yes how to make a paper snowflake step by step with pictures. I got this tutorial from youtube, if you want to see the video directly, you can fint EzyCraft and the prefix is from Omiyage Blogs. Thanks EzyCraft and Omiyage Blogs.

How to Make a Paper Snowflake

After arriving at step number Five (5), you can create an image like the one below. In the picture there is an "X" which means the X sign is the part that must be cut and the result will be like the next photo in Figure 6 above.

After the image pattern like the image above has been made, then cut the pattern following the line that has been drawn and the result will be like the image below.

After you finish cutting the paper following the pattern, the next step is to carefully open the paper that was cut earlier. And surprise, the Paper Snowflakes are ready. The result will be like the image below.

How? Is it difficult? It definitely won't be difficult if you want to keep practicing and learning.

The method I gave above is just an example for the basis of making snowflake crafts from paper.

To test how great your skills are I want to challenge you to make snowflakes with different models.

8 Examples of More Complex Paper Snowflake Patterns and Models

But don't worry, I have prepared a sample image and you just need to repeat the steps that I have written above.

How? Are you ready? If so, let's start now by following the example image below.

Paper Snowflake Example 1

Paper Snowflake Example 2

Paper Snowflake Example 3

Paper Snowflake Example 4

Paper Snowflake Example 5

Paper Snowflake Example 6

Paper Snowflake Example 7

Paper Snowflake Example 8

How about the examples of the pictures above? Is it difficult to practice?

Certainly not if you practice often then I guarantee you can definitely make this paper craft like in the example image above.

And that was my short article about tutorials and how to make paper snowflakes step by step with pictures.

And lastly, I hope you have a nice winter this year. Thank you.

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